«Cité» is a photographic work that attempts to question the process of creating informative and media content in our society.
Since 2018, this project has been built in parallel with other photographic works on social and militant news, in France and abroad. This long process has given me the desire to investigate the media tools that modulate our perception of events, and to question this figuration of reality.
The media are supposed to ensure the objective retranscription of facts. Accompanied by testimonies, ideas or opinions, they must respond to ethical and moral criteria. These platforms, which retranscribe the life of the city, are free to develop particular and stylized visual identities. This media plastic has a «republican» aesthetic, allowing the incorporation and cohabitation of a multiplicity of contents.
Nevertheless, this link between the raw information and the medium, can create an ambiguous narrative whose informative value seems sometimes corrupted and therefore the result is questionable today.
«Cité» therefore wishes to interrogate the limits of the distorting aesthetization of information, by using the possibilities offered by the fields of documentary and plastic photography. In the manner of television information devices, the project wishes to articulate itself around the cohabitation, and the convergence of multiple visual languages: totem devices, media hyperbole, television plastics, paradoxical desks (and others to come).